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Building up the community.

By: Alamo Management / Jun, 12 2024

One of the initial ways that we sought to embody the mission statement of the Alamo Inn and Suites was to "engage with the Anaheim community."  Over the years, this very general and vague attempt has transformed into a value closer to "from Anaheim, for Anaheim."  Certainly, we want to honor the diversity represented among our employees and presented by the guests that we serve, and yet, it is simultaneously meaningful to us that many of our team members are deeply rooted in Anaheim / Southern California and care about the wellbeing of Anaheim. 

Even as the daily demands of running the Inn rarely ease, it is important that we take time out to cultivate strong partnerships with local businesses, suppliers/vendors, non-profit organizations, and even our direct competitors.  Not all of this translates into tangible benefits (though some of it does!), but the larger goal is to serve as a platform that collaborates with and builds up the local community.  This is what we care about and it might not be for everyone.  If you are open to supporting local, here are a few of our favorites to get you started (: 



Thank You Coffee

El Pollo Norteno


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